Edinburgh Independent Film Awards 

 Screenplay Competition 2018


Paradise Black

A solitary stranger, lacerated by his past, finds relief in the complicit friendship of an orphan girl; but when a tragedy destroys this relationship, all is left for him to do is the search for an impossible redemption.

Writer Biography - Samuele Carro, Alessio Ortu

Samuele Carro was born in Italy in 1977. He lived and worked in some of the world’s biggest metropolis, such as Milan, New York, London, São Paulo, and Los Angeles,where he lives at the moment, doing an array of the most disparate jobs in artistic and non artistic fields. These years of life experiences, combined with a never interruptedprocess of self introspection and study, connected to a deep love for art, have been invaluable in shaping his artistic vision and perspective on the world. He studied “Advertising Communication” at the University for Foreigners in Perugia in Italy, and Cinema at the New York Film Academy in New York. Between 2008 and 2009 he produced the film “So che c’è un uomo”, presented at the 66º Venice Film Festival and in over 40 festivals and special events all over the world. Between 2010 and 2014 he went forth in his photographic research to produce a book which is currently being edited for publication. In 2015 He funded DEMIURGOS FILM, an independent production company with the intention of producing his own cinematographic projects, based in Los Angeles and São Paulo. Since its inception Samuele is committed to Demiurgos Film projects, writing them and developing them. Two of these projects are currently in the phase of fundraising.